Service and Re-inspection of Marine Evacuation Systems (MES)

According to SOLAS requirements Marine Evacuation Systems (MES) has to re-inspected every 12 months. 

At the same time, each MESshould be deployed on the ship not less than every six years.

IMS-GRIFFIN as an authorized RFD-Survitecgroup service stations, provide maintenance and inspection of the:

o   Marine Evacuation Systems ( MES) type Mk II (single and twin track slides),

o   Accompanying large size ( 50/100 persons ) liferafts.


As an exclusive dealer of HAMMAR in Poland, we offer service of Manual (MRRS) and Electronic (ERRS) Remote Release Systems.

We also offer service and re-inspection of large size ( 35-102 persons ) RFD, DSB, Zodiac liferafts.